quickie update.

what’s poppin’ blog buddies?!

i know it’s been a hot minute since i’ve blogged, but i haven’t forgotten about you and i have some new blog posts brewing. i wanted to give you a quick TONY UPDATE! as many of you may know, the whole year of 2011 was a year of learning, growing, maturing, and developing for me. i was anticipating a job or career to plop in my lap at any moment. but that wasn’t the case.

in december of 2010, my spiritual mentor (Jennifer Green – see previous blog post) pulled me aside on one sunday morning. she said, “Tony, the Lord revealed to me that you will receive a job and calling in january.” i was elated. i had been praying since graduation earlier that year for a career. i was ready for what God had in store me, professionally…or so i thought. it turns out, the Word that Jennifer gave was right…but A YEAR LATER that expected.

i tell you what, the Lord has a sense of humor. starting january of THIS YEAR, i started my job and calling – teaching. i am currently a substitute teacher and furthermore, a permanent fixture in a middle school within the school district. i have fallen in love with the ministry behind this “job”. i didn’t realize the ministerial opportunities that are associated with this profession. the interaction with some of these students are out of this world. i never realized the influential mandate that is on teachers. what’s so interesting is that i feel as if i’m learning from the students as much as they are from me.

the years of 2011 was essential for a moment like this. the Lord had to have His way before stepping into this. and i thank God He did. that’s just a short and sweet update of my happenings lately. (ps. thank you for caring). more to come soon!! stay tuned!!

just remember! your actions today alter your destiny tomorrow. are your actions today launching you forward to the GINORMOUS destiny God has for you?

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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