birthday shoutout: spiritual mother and mentor.

hey blog buddies! this is the day the Lord has made and i CHOOSE to rejoice and be glad in it. what a day it is. just a head’s up, incase your wondering the happenings of my life and all God is doing, check back very soon – an update to come!

in other news, i want to give a big birthday shoutout to my spiritual mother and mentor – Jennifer Green. let me tell you a little about her: this lady started coming to my church two years after i did. her praise and worship astounded me, and i believe, was a forerunner in expanding the paradigm of my church’s ways and thoughts of worship. not even a year of her family attending Hope (our church), she confronted me and my twin brother. she said, “you both are my babies. there is a deep spiritual connection between us…” not gonna lie, my nieve, immature, teenage, self thought this lady was a little off her rocker.

i remember one instance when my brother and i were getting baptized at Hope, the only people that walked up on the church’s stage to support us was Mrs. Jennifer Green and her husband. even then, i didn’t realize the seriousness behind her statement and our spirtual connection.

as time marched on, this lady spoke Words straight from God that were confirmed and came to pass in my life. her presence in my life as a spiritual mentor has carried me through the darkest of times. Mrs. Green’s ability to speak to the brokeness in one’s life is a ministry in itself. the crises that she has experienced in her life have been classrooms, and now she is the triumphant teacher!

Jennifer Green’s perspecitve is parallel to God’s perspective. she has a way to encourage a believer to push, press, and pursue the heart of God by just a simple conversation. you speak to her and say to yourself, “i want what she has!”

from her worship, to her spiritual and personal guidance, to her encouragement, to her heart for God…Jennifer Green, i honor you. i thank you for the investment into my eternity. i thank God for the kingdom connection that has occurred with ultimate transparency. i believe BIG for you, as i know you do for me. i love you and i hope your birthday is as special as you are!

thank you blog buddies for allowing me to express my gratitude toward such an important woman of God in my life. as i noted before, check back soon for more updates! have an incredible day!!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


One thought on “birthday shoutout: spiritual mother and mentor.

  1. i love you and your expressions of Love toward me are life giving. It is from the heart to the heart!
    How can i keep this? Can I print it? I would like to frame it?
    This is the other best gift. Michael wrote me a letter and it was wonderful. I received other items of purchase, however what is most priceless is the gifts that come from the heart.

    Love you! Mom/Mentor

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