a star-studded dream of distraction.

yo blog buddies!! how’ the new year going?? not gonna lie, these first 12 days have been rocky for me, but it’s all good! God is setting me up!! get ready! so how’s your new year’s resolutions playing out?? are they going as planned? well, i wanted to share with you a dream i had this week that i believe was loud and clear with an underlying message. stay focused. don’t get distracted. this was right on time! in recent weeks, i have been distracted by everything under the sun: health, fear, money, relationships, etc.! this silly dream woke me up. don’t miss your moment!

picture it: a beautiful, spring-like day in a park. children running around playing and laughing. families enjoying quality time. bright colors of lush green in the trees and grass. so there i was laying on a park bench. i had designer pants and an un-buttoned designer shirt on. (to some this may be a nightmare.) standing over me was tyra banks, instructing me on poses. i quickly learned that i was a model in this park. as i continued to follow instruction, i saw..get ready..tatyana ali (“ashley” from “the fresh prince of bel air”) standing in the background of tyra watching me. i quickly got up and ran to tatyana, introducing myself. then, tatyana introduced me to her friend…get ready…raven symone (“olivia” from “the cosby show” and “raven” from “that’s so raven”). i was ecstatic to meet these beautiful women. after meeting my new best friends, i turn to finish the photo shoot and tyra banks was nowhere to be found. in the midst of the beautiful park, with children and families all around, she was gone. i had become distracted and missed my moment. i then woke up.

ok. ok. ok. i get it, probably not a prophetic dream. but i believe that this central message of “don’t miss your moment because of distractions” is one i needed to be reminded of. the worldly possessions may look and seem fun, but don’t miss your moment. you have everything you need right in front of you. your healing, prosperity, health, security, God-given relationships, etc. is yours for the taking…through Him. don’t allow a tatyanna ali or raven symone to mess with all God has for you now!

i hope this silly, yet true example reminded you of the danger of distractions. stay focused, blog buddies. the payoff is worth it!! i hope you have a fantastic day. check back soon for more blog posts!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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