hello 2012!

hello blog buddies!! i hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with brand new moments of love and laughter. in a matter of days, we will be ringing in the brand new year of 2012! i welcome it with open arms. but before i greet 2012, i must throw up my deuces to 2011.

can i testify for a moment? as many may know, my employment status this past year has been not-so-stable. in the natural, many might see little, lack, and loss. but i got some news for ya! this year has been one fruitful year. i was able to give each Sunday at church, and was prospered for that. this year brought me to my knees more than once, and i learned more about myself through it all. i learned what and who is important in my life. ultimately, i am grateful for everything i learned, experienced, and gained through this year of 2011. His faithfulness is outta control!

with the new year approaching, it brings new beginnings and petitions. this final week of 2011, i have searched my life and took inventory. what do i expect for God to do in my life this coming year? what do i expect to do FOR God this coming year? in order to expect a change, we must create a change. that’s exactly what i intend on doing. this new year’s eve will be different from the way i celebrated in the past. i will be marking my first 21 days of 2012 in a daniel fast. i believe it will set the tone for the year. Jentezen Franklin’s church, Free Chapel does this each year and the testimonies are outrageous! i’m believing big things for this upcoming year, and i am doing my part to ensure this will happen!

not sure of some resolutions you could set for yourself? i came across a blog that offered “30 things to stop doing to yourself”. i thought some of these were appropriate: stop spending time with the wrong people, stop trying to be someone your not, stop trying to hold onto the past, stop berating yourself for old mistakes, stop holding grudges, stop letting others bring you down to their level, stop overlooking the beauty of small moments. those are just a few. me, myself?! well i have a list of intentions i have written down. a couple are: make my car a “no phone zone”, continue a healthy and effective lifestyle, create and maintain right thinking about myself, diminish the emotional outbursts, create opportunities to serve God in His kingdom, and see God through distractions. i encourage you to prayerfully construct a list of intentions for your betterment of 2012!

i thank you all for reading my craziness called blogs this year. as i tweeted earlier today: 2012 and i are going to be best friends!…and i think it’ll be yours too! believe it!

– tony // @AsToldByTony



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