a humble, holy day.

merry christmas and happy holy days, blog buddies! this season has been amazing. God has blessed me with so many new moments that i have captured and will carry with me forever. i took the time to enjoy every part of this season. throughout this time, i have been having conversations and reflecting on that holy moment 2000 years ago. here are some of my thoughts.

a friend of mine brought this to my attention: have you ever realized that the shepherds that visited Jesus when He was born were, at that time, considered “unclean” to enter the temple. their occupation of being a shepherd was considered lowly and dirty. yet, they were the first ones to visit the Holy King of Kings. that’s a sermon right there! Jesus was born into this chaos we call humanity – bringing holiness to an unclean world. wow. that wrecks me! i also love that the lowly shepherds were the ones to visit the Savior. that speaks to me. i can be a rotten, nasty sinner. yet, i have access to the Holy One. i’m about to shout!! ((PRAISE BREAK))

He was a gift, bringing gifts. in fact, He came that i might abundant life. “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b) what a blessing. He came and wants us to receive abundant life with an abundance of anything and everything to fulfill His will in our lives. we are a blessed people.

another thing that got me thinking was a drama i saw at church a couple weeks ago. it showcased the perspective of God and His love as He allowed His ONLY Son, Jesus, to come to this chaotic mess of a world we created. i’m not gonna lie, there are times i can’t fathom that the Savior of the world existed on planet earth. the drama revealed the deep love God has for us and the separation He experienced as Jesus came to earth. it’s crazy to think about. what a God we serve.

throughout this holy day season, i’ve prayed for an ounce of the humility Jesus possessed as He came to earth. think about it: the Holy One, Jesus, was born in a feeding trough, in a manger, amongst farm animals. yet, i at times feel entitled. who am i that i “deserve” anything? i pray for holy humility to encompass me, and develop within me.

i know these thoughts were all over the place. but they are quick snapshots of my thinking this holy day season. i thank God that he allowed His son to roam in a place such as this. i thank God for the example of true humility, from the moment Jesus was born. i thank God for abundant life and that He came so that we might receive it through Him. i just thank God.

i hope you had a wonderful Christmas! check back soon for my 2012 intentions blog!!

– tony // @AsToldByTony 



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