sound YOUR faith.

hey hey hey blog buddies! i hope you all have been OFF THE HOOK. things have been going really well in my life. in recent weeks, i have detoxed negativity and have been pursuing positivity in life. it’s amazing how much brighter and smoother things become. i thank God for the opportunities coming my way! updates coming soon!!

i have been continually meditating on a message i recently heard. since receiving this Word, i have been confronted with confirmations and reminders of it, which ultimately lead me to put it into practice. (ingest-digest-invest the Word). i must share with you this life-changing message.

faith has a sound” – bishop paul lanier. we have been in a study of Gideon recently, and learning more about his reactions, circumstances, faith, identity, etc.! due to the hostile conditions of the Midianites, Gideon had been hiding out in a wine press, beating out wheat. he was fearful. this makes no sense: beating out wheat in a wine press. it goes to show that fear can make you do some crazy things. yet, in his current state of fear, “the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor.” (Judges 6:12). wait! he is hiding in fear, but he’s a mighty man of valor (war)?! the Lord spoke into Gideon’s fear. a sound of faith was released. “we must interfere with the atmosphere by sounding our faith.” – bishop paul lanier. later, Gideon blew a trumpet as a call to arms. (Judges 6:34) another sound of faith was released. “His sound is your weapon.” – bishop paul lanier.

and that sound was the weapon of Paul and Silas as they were imprisoned. in their shackles, they “were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them…” (Acts 16:25) the Word tells us that an earthquake occurred and their bonds were unfastened and the doors were opened. that praise must have been THE BOMB. “God wants more than your victory. He wants your testimony. He wants more than a winner. He needs a witness.” – bishop paul lanier. the sound was a key part in tearing down the walls of Jericho as well. (Joshua 6:1-27).

as you can see, the sound of faith is imperative to create an atmosphere intended for your assignment. God is sounding His Word within us and we must be like Gideon and sound it with the blow of a trumpet. the world has plenty of sounds to wear us down and live a defeated life. but i encourage you to speak over yourself, and into yourself, the sound of faith!

here it is a monday, and it hasn’t been the most ideal day. i have been stressed, aggrivated, discouraged, annoyed, etc. to no end! finally i stopped and said: “i won’t allow this to go on anymore. i speak positivity over this day! i speak favor over myself! the joy of the Lord is my strength!” moments later, i was taking my car to get an estimate for a stereo/electric problem (running late, of course due to my monday madness). the stereo estimator guy said “turn on your stereo, let’s hear what it does.” and when i turned it on, the sound was PERFECT. it was as if nothing was wrong with my stereo at all. satan tried stealing my sound! that’s the God i serve!

so encourage yourself, your day, your circumstances, your family, your issues by speaking over them! your faith has a sound. use it! thanks for reading blog buddies. i hope this simple, yet potent Word penetrated your spirit as it did mine. have an AWESOME thanksgiving week. check back to the blog soon for some of my “thankful things”.

– tony // @AsToldByTony



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