i am sorry.

hey blog buddies. this is a different blog post from my typical ones. i must repeat what i’ve heard behind the pulpit many times: “this life is not a rehearsal.” on this side of heaven, we are to make our wrongs, right. and that is my intention with this post.

a few weeks ago i wrote a blog post that i have since removed. i did not realize the backlash i would receive for expressing my opinions, perspective, and experience. looking back i believe my intended message of kingdom containment was lost in the midst of a scenario i described. although i kept it very vague, it was irrelevant. though you may have been offended, i must say this personal blog of mine is not the platform to bring exposure to the flaws of the kingdom.

Matthew 5:24 says “…First be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” this verse resonates with me in this particular circumstance because it shows me in order to offer your gifts (whatever they may be), you must be reconciled with the body of Christ FIRST.

when writing the blog post, i was acting out of my flesh. i was reacting emotionally to situations i have no control over, and allowed distractions to get in my way. i never intended to bring conviction to anyone or their ministry, nor am i qualified to even do so. that is not my job. John 16:8 says “When he (the Holy Spirit) comes, he will convict the world, concerning sin and righteousness, and judgement.” my main goal in writing the removed blog post was to express my longing to be used in the kingdom, yet feeling as if i had no opportunity to do so.

i began writing this blog as an outlet to share my perspective, and to bring encouragement, primarily based on the Word of God. i am sorry. i strayed from that initial purpose. i pray that you accept my sincere apology with an open heart, realizing as i do, that i am not perfect. i am thankful for my faithful blog readers. i don’t expect every reader to agree with my perspectives, however i humbly ask that your sole purpose is not to find fault. thank you for allowing me to apologize. let’s keep it movin for the kingdom!

– tony // @AsToldByTony



One thought on “i am sorry.

  1. My sweet friend,
    I am so very proud of you. I know it is sometimes hard to see things in the flesh that offend and enrage us but it is important for us to not to react out of that place, for it is in that place that the devil does his best works. We must always remember to seek first the Kingdom of God for there is were we will find answers and peace. Perspective matters, continuing to look up and not out will keep your line of sight only in the things of God.
    Keep in mind that we are called to forgive our brother, and to love him as Christ Loves us. I see you growing, and more importantly God sees your growth. It takes a big person to humble themself and apologize, now forgive yourself and move on because You have work to

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