be a left-handed leader.

so i recently was reading judges 3 and the story of Ehud and later watched a podcast of damon thompson (the ramp) and he was speaking on the same exact passage of scripture. i love how God reveals through His word. this passage shook me.

so a little bit about the situation (no, not the jersey shore personality)…Israel was in continuous disobedience. throughout the book of judges, God raised up different leaders to deliver Israel from their captivity. something i found so interesting about this guy, Ehud, was a little bit about his identity. in verse 15 he is described as, “…the Lord raised up for them a deliverer, Ehud, the son of Gera, the Benjaminite, a left-handed man.” something damon thompson mentioned in his message was that Benjamin means “son of my right hand”. so let’s get this straight: the Lord raised up a left-handed leader from a tribe meaning “son of my right hand”?! ironic, eh? this unique quality added authenticity to Ehud. his strength was the element of surprise. this left-handed leader ultimately stabbed the current king, Eglon and later, “…the land had rest for eighty years.” (v.30).

do you ever feel like a left-handed leader in a tribe full of righties? we are called to be authentic, yet honor the spiritual authority we are placed under. being radical doesn’t mean being rebellious. when you feel like you are the odd-ball in a group, celebrate it! God is raising you up to be different for your destiny and to contribute something different to the kingdom. Ehud was placed in leadership to bring deliverance to Israel. “the power of deliverance comes from the unwillingness to conform.” – damon thompson

damon’s teaching on this passage is powerful stuff and dives deeper into subjects of spiritual authority and being equipped as Ehud was. i encourage to read judges 3:12-30. i pray His word edifies you to become different on purpose and for purpose. God is wanting to raise you up…flaws and all…to make a difference in the kingdom! let’s get real: status quo was SO last year.

🙂 have an incredible day, blog buddies! check back soon. thanks for reading! keep it positive! 🙂

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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