my womb-mate birthday shoutout.

hey blog buddies. today is a special day. 9.19.11 – my twin brother, Frankie and my birthday! i wanted to give a special birthday blog shoutout to my best friend from the beginning of life.

frankie joseph santoro. aka. bubby/bankie/or any other random name i call him…has been my constant friend through my 24 years of living. growing up, frankie was often my refuge. through a volatile childhood, frankie created a sense of calm in chaos. known as the peace maker between the two of us, his demeanor commanded love and unity. as we grew up, he tended to be the more studious, orderly, and responsible one as i was the more of the free spirit, creative one. throughout high school, mr. “best to take home to parents” superlative (frankie) and i balanced each other out as i held the “friendliest” superlative. although we were in different states throughout our college lives, we kept that same common bond of brothers and friends. he found his wife and started his successful career as a teacher. he is irreplaceable.

i wanna give a big birthday shoutout to my brother, frankie. i pray for God’s continued blessings to be multiplied in this year and the many to come. may your life be richly blessed by His provision. i am truly thankful for the gift He has given me in you. we have been through hell and back in our lives, but the scars reveal our resilience. at times i can be flighty, but you never cease to ground me. the best is yet to come in our lives. i believe it! i love you dear brother.



now that this post is coming to end, i read over it and it sounds like you are on your death bed. i apologize for that..but i mean every word and if i could write more of all that you mean to me, it would take forever!

happy birthday frankie.

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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