shoutout @farflungtincan

hello blog buddies.

i wanted to give a special shoutout to an organization that i believe is the epitome of of Jesus’ ministry. far-flung tin can is a effort to “form an intersection of two diverse worlds – the mission field and the christian home”. this organization was started by kyle philippi, and the far-flung team has and continues to grow to a group of people desiring to advance His kingdom by being light in dark places.

i give them a shoutout today because their debut project, “No Turning Back” hit itunes today! this project is the reflection of His heart. members of the far-flung tin can team came together to move the heart of God with worship. all proceeds go toward mission efforts of far-flung tin can. i bought mine this morning and was truly captivated.

kyle philippi, along with the far-flung tin can team are incredible people with a sincere passion for His people. i can say this because i know them personally. being in lee university campus choir with these individuals, i was able to experience their love first-hand. i am truly honored to know them and i believe in their mission for missions!

i encourage you blog buddies, to buy your copy immediately! you will not be disappointed, rather you will be inspired to make a difference! shoutout to far-flung tin can for all you have and continue to do for His kingdom! keep it up!

follow far-flung tin can: @farflungtincan

– tony //@AsToldByTony


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