left behind.

no this isn’t your antichrist, apocalypse, and trials and tribulations type of post. it was a legit thought during a crazy occurrence last night. looking back, pretty silly:

i was resting peacefully until about 3 am. my eyes open to the light of my alarm clock fading away. i was welcomed by pitch darkness in my room and throughout the house. i’m not so sure how or why i awoke so suddenly at the power going out. but with that faint alarm clock dwindling and the uncertainty of the darkness caused me to question “what just happened? was i left behind?” i immediately scurried downstairs to my kitchen and started looking for the flashlight. i was desperate for light. it was like i was a young child again, just finishing the nickelodeon classic “are you afraid of that dark?” to which i boldly declare “yes!” after looking through the bread drawer (insane place to look), different cabinets and not finding this comforting source of light, i stopped my frantic self. under the sink! i remembered mom putting the flashlight under the sink! i found it and immediately called the power company. i woke my parents up from their deep sleep so they would know the power was out and to not oversleep for work. to be honest, their snoring was a comforting sound, knowing if i was left behind, we would be left behind together. it turns out a transformer blew and caught a couple trees on fire. it was quite interesting to be wide awake in the stillness of darkness. with no electronics buzzing or fans whirling, i just took that quiet time to shut myself in my room, and with the flashing lights of the fire truck keeping me company, i chatted with God.

also, i wasn’t able to blog on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 recently. i want to take this time to remember the lives lost on that tragic day. a beautiful and peaceful sunlit morning was changed to a dark cloud of debris as towers fell in a matter of moments, by straight up evil. i thank God for the grace and protection He has had over this nation the past 10 years. the resilience of America makes me proud to call it my home. to those innocent victims, and mighty heros that lost their lives…we remember you!

i appreciate you reading, blog buddies i realize this isn’t my typical Bible-laced blog post, but i just wanted to share some thoughts. i hope that you are having a great week. i look forward to chatting soon. check back! keep it positive!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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