birthing breakthrough.

hello blog buddies. thanks for stopping by! i wanted to give you a little update on life.

starting september 1st i, along with many members of my church body decided to corporately fast. i chose to partake in the 21-day daniel fast: no meats, sweets, or breads. (Daniel 10:2-3). admittedly, i have never fasted this extensively before. little did i know that fasting is the key to unlocking the realms of His glory. at the beginning of this fast i declared Isaiah 58:6-12 over myself and this upcoming season. that passage is what i am continually believing for during this fast. my primary goal of this fast was to return to my First Love – Jesus Christ. in Him, all things are revealed. here it is, day 7 of my fasting journey and the Lord has spoken a Word so profoundly for my life and i believe it can be applied to yours as well. “There is a Prophetic Word to your Obedience!” – Bishop Paul Lanier

side note: there are some powerful truths about fasting that have been revealed to me during this time that i hope to share soon. but yesterday, i experienced an ugly side. it was day 6. i had been so disciplined and focused. but my flesh truly came alive. it was a tough battle. but i remembered Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness during His 40 day fast in Luke 4. it was an eye-opening experience.

i believe that there is a difference in walking with God and being one with God. today, after my rough rumble with my flesh and satan yesterday, the Lord has given me a fresh revelation that has empowered me. when others count you out, God counts you in! it is september 7, 2011. this is the 9th month of the year. the Lord has spoken to me that this month will be a birthing month of breakthrough. whatever you are believing God for (job, financial provision, health, anointing, clarity, etc.) can be birthed in this month. we are on the brink of our inheritance, if we believe! i am declaring this Word over my life.

i know there have been many individuals and prophets (Damon Thompson, Dutch Sheets, among others) that have declared that we are currently in a finishing season. i won’t go into the specifics of this prophecy, but it mentions that from june – september will be a finishing or preparation season for a change that will occur in october. this prophetic Word is powerful and i encourage you to watch some of Damon’s teachings on it. the point of this reference is that this birthing month of breakthrough will push you into a deeper purpose this next season. you are being called from deliverance to dominion! get ready!  “Kingdom Authority Requires Intimacy with the King.” – Bishop Paul Lanier 

finally the Lord placed it on my heart that during this time, we must be cautious of who we allow in our lives. one of my prayers during this fasting season is that relationships will be reconciled or relinquished for the greater purpose. if you allow someone in your life that is not suppose to be there, it could ultimately abort the dream or breakthrough God is wanting to birth through you. that’s a whole new sermon right there that i might hit on another time!

i am believing that if you pull a Pslam 119:37 and “Turn [your] eyes from looking at worthless things…” and if you “Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33) then this could be your birthing month of breakthrough! “Be open to a new season. Walk as God walks.” – Bishop Paul Lanier

i hope that this Word that the Lord spoke into me today also empowered you! i am believing in and for you and i thank you for reading! check back soon! keep it positive, blog buddies! ps. my birthday is coming up on september 19th…i’ll be pushing the cake and ice cream back to the 22nd!!! 🙂

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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