do you see the Lord?

hey hey hey blog buddies!! i hope you have had an incredible week! i must say, this week has been OFF THE HOOK! i love the chain-free life of obedience. the hunger, passion, and fervor i have for this journey that i am on to seek His face more and more is insanely rewarding. the Lord has been speaking like crazy and my pen cannot move fast enough in my journal. here’s something the Lord revealed to me a couple of times this week:

Isaiah 6:1 “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord….” 

Joshua 1:2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now then….”

the Isaiah verse was a brand new revelation to me. i had read this verse many times and even sang this verse in a song, “You are Holy” in my college choir. when reading these two verses this week the Lord revealed to me that when an individual in your life “dies” or what i call “weeded out”, what do you see? what do you do? when God cuts someone out of your life, do you see the Lord? there is purpose in the pain. do you see that purpose?

in the Joshua verse, it shows me that we must not mourn the removing of someone in our life. after declaring that the deliverer of a nation, Moses is dead, the next sentence starts with “Now then”. the Lord is wanting you to move on. He desires you to brush ya shoulders off and keep it movin’ into your destiny! that person would have been a stumbling block to where you were going.

these two verses blew my mind as i read them in a whole different way this week. i am very familiar with creating idols in people and the Lord tearing it up. He wants the best for you. let Him have His way.

this week i also was able to reconnect with some friends that i haven’t chatted with in a little bit. one of those friends is my first roommate, and one of my best friends – tobin. this incredible man of God has pushed me deeper into the Lord and influenced me in more ways than he will ever know. he told me that he and his wife, jojo are 6 months pregnant! i had no idea and am ecstatic for them both! SHOUTOUT to tobin and jojo!! congratulations! (the pic on the right is one of myself and tobin my freshman year in college. ah memories!)

i thank God in this very moment for the people in my life that influence me and drive me to know God more and more. throughout my high school and college days, i often wanted quantity over quality. i am learning quality friends are much more important in life. i am truly blessed.

thanks for reading, blog buddies! i hope reading this little post has encouraged you to thank God for those in your life that inspire you and for those that have fallen out of your life for a reason, speak three words: to the left…and keep it movin!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


3 thoughts on “do you see the Lord?

  1. What an honor! I am glad that you consider me a quality friend. I am thankful for your friendship. You have only grown in the Lord and caused me to grow as well.

  2. Awesome words that are so true…… The death process is necessary!!! There must be a death before you can have a resurrection. And what occurs after resurrection is much better than what died.
    Bless you!

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