my life is the oprah winfrey show.

i wanna give a big shoutout to the queen of talk – oprah winfrey. as most know, this is the last week of her long-running talk show. she’s conquered hot topics for twenty-five years and this week, she goes out with a bang! learning of the very humble beginnings she started from, to becoming a world-wide household name is incredibly inspiring. as she has claimed before, she loves to teach life lessons. and one lesson i have learned throughout her many years is: my life is the oprah winfrey show. let me explain.

oprah has made the comment before, “if a guest doesn’t want to be on the show, do not make an effort to get them on. honor their wishes and move on.” tonight i thank God for weeding out individuals in my life that ultimately (whether i had seen it at the time or not) hindered my progression of my purpose. i apply her quote to my life. if there are people that are in my life that don’t want to be, i honor their wishes and move on. i choose not to make an effort to create something that is not there.

this is a simple, yet powerful principle i have learned. when you lose those things/people in your life that are holding you back, it’s inevitable – you are moving forward! i encourage you to analyze what is holding you back and allow your life to become the oprah winfrey show, as well.

– tony // @AsToldByTony

“stop traveling with people who don’t want to arrive.” – bishop sheldon mccarter


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