5.21.2011 judgment day.

so here it is. the day when the trumpet blows and the dead in Christ shall rise. 5.21.2011. it’s 2:45 eastern standard time and the Lord will make his triumphant return in nearly three hours at 6:00 p.m., allegedly. if you haven’t heard by now, you’ve been living in osama bin laden’s cave (wait…). regardless, harold camping of family radio has predicted that on this day, the world will end by working out some sort of math equation from the Bible. he believes the loving Lord will create rolling earthquakes that will sweep across the earth, first starting in New Zealand at 6pm local time there. it is currently 6:56 a.m. on sunday morning in New Zealand. what kills me is that this isn’t his first doomsday go-around. he prophesied the same thing back in 1994. this cat is something else! so i doubt this thing is gonna happen.

i recap all of that to mention a few things. being the nerdy communications/pr guy that i am, i have noticed the power of media during this doomsday debacle. although according to the International Business Times, most people surveyed didn’t believe today was the day of judgement, it has been interesting to see social media, local news reports, and word-of-mouth form throughout this campaign process. the sarcasm is undeniable.

another thing that crossed my mind was what if this nutcase was right? i mean i know according to Matthew 24:36 “but concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” we have no idea when the Lord will return. thieves don’t announce when they will break into your house, and neither will He. the Lord seriously has a sense of humor to put up with our shenanigans. but during this media hype it actually crossed my mind, “what if the Lord came back at 6:01”, i thought to myself..have i lived my fullest life? i felt a sense of urgency to live intentionally, each moment in my life for Him, to Him. i thought to myself, “when was the last time i bought a value meal for a homeless person? or served at the soup kitchen? or tell my teenage nephew that i believed in him?” this doomsday hoop-lah reminded me of the reality that i must live each day intentionally. what are we doing to extend His kingdom every day of our numbered lives?

these were just some thoughts i had. and although the day isn’t over and He could come back as soon as i click on “publish”, i hope to see you soon! thanks for reading blog buddies!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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