don’t be a hoarder.

hey blog buddies!

in my prayer time recently, i was seeking God and asking Him to fill my heart with His ways and His desires. it was a “break my heart for what breaks Yours” kinda prayer. i read Psalm 139 and recited David’s plea unto God:

“God, investigate my life; get all the facts firsthand. 
   I’m an open book to you.” (the Message)

i longed for Him to search me and was clocked real quick by the Holy Spirit. it came to me, “have i made room for Him?” through the continuous distractions and deceptions in our world today, i had to investigate my own life and see what i have allowed to seep into my spirit. i don’t know about you – but it’s time for a spring cleaning! it’s time to clear out the clutter.

my prayer has become one that rids me of my selfish and flesh-pleasing ways in order for God to take full control. in the past, i have been guilty to hold onto a little bit here or a little bit there in case this whole thing with God didn’t work out. i mean, stepping out on faith is kinda scary. but that’s what it’s all about! God doesn’t prepare us for failure.

this has been my prayer in recent days. i urge you to investigate your heart on the regular and ask yourself: what is getting in the way of you relationship with God? i quote my pastor by saying: “Whatever comes between you and God is god!” so don’t be a hoarder. clear out the clutter. make room for Him. He wants it all.

thanks for reading blog buddies. check back soon!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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