can God trust you?

[[SIDE NOTE: i am fully aware that the answer to this upcoming question i have contemplated in recent months is so very simple. but this is a serious question and conversation i’ve had with God multiple times. it concerned me so much. i knew i wanted to share it on the blog, yet didn’t know in what way i would go about it. this question required me to examine myself and ask, “can God trust me?”, “am i making His name great on AND off the stage?” i think these questions are important for all of us to ask ourselves, hence, the sharing of my thoughts…]]

hey hey blog buddies! in my most recent post, i shared with you a couple of reflecting questions i was asking myself. one being, “can God trust me with the little things in order to be trusted with the bigger things in life?” i have been wrestling with this thought that i am getting ready to share for quite some time and i think this key question is a perfect platform to tie it in.

in recent months, i have asked myself “how can the Lord advance people in ministry, when their lifestyles do not add up with their message?” i know none of us are perfect, and we all screw up and deface the name of Jesus at times. but to LIVE in a lifestyle that isn’t pleasing to God, yet have a platform of proclaiming His name was a little confusing and contradictory when i thought about it. i recently tweeted: “When you declare the kingdom, demonstrate the kingdom. Walk your talk.” 

i think about a bible study my church had recently throughout the book of Daniel. something i noticed through the story of Daniel and his tension with King Nebuchadnezzar was, no matter what came his way (an alternative diet, a new identity, and continuous confrontation with the “dark-sided” conditions of magic, sorcery, and fortune-telling), his faith was not moved. in fact, he was so faithful to his God, that it ultimately persuaded the King to believe in Him (Chapter 4). in this case, God uses the captive to set the captor free. the Lord trusted Daniel to make His name great, by his unwavering lifestyle, despite the conditions. through the trusting in Daniel, he was promoted and made his way through the ranks of King Neb’s kingdom.

i have learned there is a purpose in everything. looking at Daniel’s unwavering faith and how God trusted and advanced him in the kingdom, it creates a desire to want his faith – unshakable. i go back to my initial thought of those in leadership and ministry with conflicting lifestyles and still question, “how is it God can trust them to extend the message of Jesus, yet live in a lifestyle not pleasing to God?” then i checked myself: maybe God desires for that ministry to flourish more than it is now, but because of the lack of trusting – it can’t occur. OR simply, i am unaware of their relationship with God, therefore i don’t know if God can trust them or not….

although it pains me to see contradictory lives of cloaking themselves when it is convenient, the fact of the matter is – it’s not my issue to worry about. i know at times i have slapped the face of Jesus with my actions, but i ultimately have come to a point where i am only responsible for my witness, my assignment, and my fulfillment of that assignment. the more obsessed we are with the King, His kingdom will inevitably advance. i must ask myself, “can God trust me?”

thank you for reading blog buddies. i pray this post provoked something within you! have a great week.

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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