reflections. and happy birthday shoutout.

rise and shine blog buddies!

here i am in my kitchen after reading the Word and reflecting on some things. i think about the recent Easter season. in order for a resurrection, there must be a crucifixion. as i wait in joyful hope, i ask God to reveal to me what needs to be crucified in my life for the resurrection of God’s plan and assignment for my life? (Psalm 139:23-24) scary question.

i am also reflecting on the trust in my relationship with the Father. in desperate moments that i have recently faced, i have come to trust God and His World like none other. that’s all i have! that has what has been sustaining me. but i get checked real quick as i ask myself: can God trust me? how do i react to the small things in order to be trusted for the big things? i know that my life’s assignment is to be called to greatness to make His name greater. but if i am not doing that on the small scale with daily interactions with others, what makes God believe i can do it on a major scale? what am i doing with what i am given? there is another point i want to make about this “God trusting us” issue, but i will save that for my next post. but believe me, it’s good!

i don’t want to miss my moment because of distractions from things i haven’t crucified or my Father not being able to trust me. that is my prayer. Lord, don’t let me miss my moment! 

i hope you all are having a great week so far! i want to make a quick blog buddy shoutout to a bestie that is flipping this world upside down. a true remnant of this radical generation for God: cody michael smallwood. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY! 

thanks for reading blog buddies. check back soon for more blog posts!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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