reality check.

izzy. my three year old niece. she recently discovered the amazing slinky. while at my house just moments ago, she let her awesome uncle tony play with it. as i was playing with her new obsession, she unknowingly asked a “reality check” question: “What are you doing in the world?”. now i know, she meant to ask “What in the world are you doing (with my slinky)?” but this simple communication mishap of a three year old really got me thinking. in my everyday life, what am i doing in this world? i think this is a great question for all of us to ask ourselves as we live out the tiny blip of life we have. are we creating history everyday?

just a thought.

– tony // @AsToldByTony


One thought on “reality check.

  1. So thought provoking. It’s seems so funny, because that mishap can affect so many people (myself included) and do something in the World. Even a three year old can make change happen.

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