the little blog of gratitude. (take your bow)

wassup wassup blog buddies!!

so recently i tweeted: “if i’m nothing else, imma good friend. #justsayin” and i stand behind that statement. here are some reasons why: i am compassionate. i am a great listener. i provide feedback that i believe lines up with the Word of God. i encourage like nobody’s business. i am there for a friend in a jiffy. i try to make friends laugh. …you get the point. but im tellin’ ya, in this preparation season that i am in, i have become so thankful for those true friends in my life that flip the script and motivate me to become the best Antonio Michael Santoro i can be.

as i noted in previous blog posts, the Lord has weeded out connections and friends that i thought would be life-long through this process. but i just roll with the punches and know it’s essential and they are distractions to my destiny. i stand by Beyonce’s coined words: “TO THE LEFT”. it amazes me how some of these friends have reacted to pressure. how peculiar it is that when times gets rough for them, im there in a split second: willing to pay whatever, say whatever, and do whatever for them. yet when the pressure mounts up in my life, some can’t handle it. but MAD PROPS and SHOUTOUTS to those that can!

sara thompson: sara is my north carolina, italian bestie that tells it like is. who knew that meeting her prior to me going off to lee university, we would continue to be friends and closer than ever? i believe that crazy moments of laughter and cutting-up is paramount in preparation times. through the uncomfortable season that the Lord has placed me in, sara brings joy as we get into the craziest predicaments. sara pushes me to be the best person i can be professionally. she knows my gifts, talents, and passions and seeks for me to fulfill all of that and more! SHOUTOUT to SARA! (take your bow)

lacey stokes: lacey is the bomb when it comes to Godly wisdom. although we have been acquaintances for years, the Lord flourished our friendship when we both started our journey through preparation. as the Lord stripped me of what i thought was valuable in my life and shaking things up, He was doing the same in her life. to see this girl grow in ministry and anointing has blessed me and spurred me to seek the deeper love of Jesus and my God-given assignment on this planet! ¬†even though we don’t live in the same state anymore, our friendship remains healthy. we make it a point to laugh, joke, pick on her roomie lindy (who is also a great friend) occasionally, but also get down to business with all God is doing in our lives. she was appointed in my life for this season. and the reason is becoming oh-so-apparent! (take your bow)

tyler richardson: tyler is what i call a not-so-typical bestie. although we don’t talk everyday and you never know where he is, this boy’s got it goin on. when we do get a chance to reconnect, the sense of transparency is outta control. in that similar season of preparation, it is easy for me to confide in him. although we never fully “arrive”, it blows me away to see the growth and maturity that has taken place in his life through Christ. i love to see him flow in the gifts God has given him. tyler motivates and encourages me by his walk with the Lord: persistently pushing toward the things of God. (take your bow)

what is so funny is these three examples probably have no idea the impact they have on my life as friends. they impact me through their daily living, conversations, and unknowing countenance. which makes me question: what impact am i leaving when i connect with others?

(ps. i wanna say that although sara, lacey, and tyler are three examples to pushing me to my best. there are other friendships that occasionally throw an encouraging word or randomly call to check up. for those people, i truly appreciate you as well.)

thanks blog buddies for reading my little blog of gratitude! i encourage you to be the blessing you were called to be! and examine your life to see who is hindering you from your assignment. i repeat from a previous blog: “stop traveling with people who don’t want to arrive.” – Bishop Sheldon McCarter.

– tony // @AsToldByTony


One thought on “the little blog of gratitude. (take your bow)

  1. You are blessed to have three people that help sharpen you and you help sharpen them too. We can’t make this journey on our own, So thank God for true Friendships.

    Amen Tony

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