distractions. obscurity. preparation.

hey blog buddies!

back at it again with the blogging. sorry it has been forever since my last blog. it has been a wild couple months. i hope all is well with you and pray that the Lord is continuing to work out EVERYTHING for your good, even at this moment.

so right now we are in the middle of the Lent season – the 40 days of fasting prior to Resurrection Sunday. the Lord pressed on my heart to fast facebook during this Lent season. i gotta tell ya, this time of fasting has been extremely rewarding. submersing myself in His word, has allowed my focus to be laser-like. the Lord has spoken profoundly to current circumstances i am facing as well my assignment while living. i intend to share some of these encouraging Words the Lord has given me in future blog posts. here is a nugget of what He has revealed to me in recent weeks through my experiences:

Distractions. “Distractions Detour you from your Destiny.” it is paramount to examine your life: relationships, commitments, enjoyable extras (facebook, reading books, etc), mindsets, attitudes, etc. and determine what are distractions. you are here on this planet on assignment. what is your assignment? what is blocking you from that assignment? once you discover those distractions, no matter what the cost, delete them from your life. i speak from experience when i say, God will honor you for your devotion. “Stop traveling with people who don’t want to arrive.” – Bishop Sheldon McCarter. one of those distractions may be obscurity…

Obscurity. “Thank God for the Obscurity.” this word obscurity has been apart of my vocabulary lately as i have been bombarded by it. i’ve witnessed those that i thought would embrace, when an individual is down and out, instead have the “Country Club Christian” mentality of pushing them out. i have come to realize not everyone knows how to comfort the broken. focusing on the CREATOR rather than the CREATURE is extremely important when facing obscurity. “Opposition is the Prophetic Indicator of Potential.” – Damon Thompson. through my own experience, i have learned to count it ALL joy. your circumstances are a blessing. they are PREPARING you for your PURPOSE. remember: “God is not the author of confusion (obscurity), but He’s in the confusion (obscurity).” – Bishop Paul Lanier.

Preparation. “There is Purpose in the Pain.” Isaiah 64:8 says “Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” being the clay can be uncomfortable and quite painful as we are pressed and molded. during this season of Lent, the Lord has prepared me for purpose through hurtful experiences and painful weeding outs (taking things/people out of my life, not by my choosing). the preparation period is pivotal as you learn more of who God is and who you are to God. being consumed by his Word prepares you to move in the supernatural. “We are called to Ingest – Digest – Invest the Word of God.” – Bishop Paul Lanier. be encouraged in your preparation season, the best is yet to come!

these are just three revelations i have witnessed and experienced through my continuing time of preparation from the Lord. flood yourself with the thought that God is in control of your circumstances and destiny. let Him be God in your life! “Your Only Obligation is Obedience.” – Bishop Paul Lanier. and whatever crap you face, COUNT IT ALL JOY and learn from it – it’s only preparation foundation for your future.

i’ll be blogging in the near future of more thoughts and revelations soon. i pray that something pricked your heart by reading this! thanks for reading and i’ll catch you back here soon!

-tony // @AsToldByTony

“Fasting is Feasting on the Right Things.” – Bishop Paul Lanier


One thought on “distractions. obscurity. preparation.

  1. This word is direct and reminds the believer that we are on a devine assignment. We know that our time on earth is limited but things could be better if “we” remember that we have God’s work to do and not our own. Thanks for the reminder.

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