the sin response.

hey blog buddies. happy 2011!

i’m gonna be real with you – since the dawning of this new year (here we are 15 days into it already), the Lord has been dealing with me about sin. most of these “dealings” have been due to my human nature and falling into sin, but nonetheless i have learned and witnessed much.

i find it very interesting to see how people deal with sin – in themselves and among their brothers and sisters. how simply ironic it is to see people cautiously dust their sin under the rug, yet will be the first ones to talk about another’s sin. my bishop once said, “those in the biggest messes, will cast the biggest stones”. how sad but true that is.

here’s my rabbit trail: i believe one of the primary facets that will make or break any relationship is transparent communication. transparent, meaning being a total open book (with your flaws, emotions, struggles, etc.). i also believe this holds true to the relationship you have with the body of Christ and Christ himself. if God is dealing with you and bringing you out of a “satan-circumstance”, BE TRANSPARENT. tell the world of His great acts! if you are struggling with a sin, guess what – so is everyone else. you might as well BE TRANSPARENT. the Lord recently put on my heart, “YOU do the talking before other people do.” – meaning if there is something you are dealing with, find someone that will bombard the gates of heaven for you to bring you out of your despair and tell them about it, giving others no chance to gossip.

i’m going to be honest in saying i have grown bitter and had anger in my heart as i’ve witnessed the “saints” run to another in telling someone’s sin (usually twisting or distorting it) instead of running to the Father on their behalf. or totally rebuking the sinner rather than lifting them up in prayer and christian support.

YOU could have the key to someone’s breakthrough! a kind touch, word, or prayer could flip someone’s rotten world upside down!

as i opened up this blog, i am a rotten sinner. i know this. my downfall has been trying to impress others instead of honoring the Father with my daily living. despite all of my sin, the Lord knows my heart and devotion belongs to Him. i do not need the approval of anyone else! my dear friend cody.michael once quoted “I don’t follow a movement, but rather the Mover.”

most of what i have written has been for myself. it has allowed me to view and learn the response of sin in a new way. i appreciate you reading, blog buddies!

be blessed this new year!!

-tony / @astoldbytony


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