i will count it all joy.

hey blog buddies! i really hope that your week has been fantastic. i wanted to write to you a quickie blog post of encouragement!

i’m not going to lie to ya – this week has been pure hell for me. this past sunday, my pastor preached on “the offensive mind of faith”. little did i know how much i would need that message this week! the devil has been whispering his lies in my ear. i would start to increase me and decrease God. monday night was my time of defense…

i have the amazing opportunity to sing with some of winston-salem’s finest worshippers, directors, and musicians for a conference that will be held in december entitled “still standing”. it is a true honor to be apart of this ministry moment! oh – did i mention im the only white singer in the group?! yeah, ALL black choir. right up my alley!!! anyway, the devil was continuing to attack even on my drive to monday night’s rehearsal. i pressed through the whole rehearsal, pushing through to praise and worship! near the end, the spirit fell so mightily. i started dancing in the spirit. a word was given that favor is resting upon each one of us! my praise and worship became defensive darts at the devil. it was God meeting me in my need. nothing like it!

but that magnificent moment with my Creator didn’t stop the devil. he continued his attack! but listen: i will count it ALL joy. i know that God has something big in my midst. the devil doesn’t like what he sees coming. so it is a joy for the devil to attack!

something else i’ve noticed through the past few days of attack is the importance of the body of Christ. i always knew that the body was significant, but i have been blown away at how God uses the body of Christ as his instrument. and just tonight the Lord used a lady i barely know that i met once to minister to me by giving me a scripture she was reading! “your greatest moments of Blessing will come to you from the unlikelys.” -Bishop Paul Lanier i love when we are used by God unknowingly.

so i say all that to say, whenever you are feeling crummy or nothing is going your way , break out a james 1:2 moment and count it all joy! your turnaround is coming!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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