checkin in.

hello blog buddies!! how’s it poppin’?

i wanted to check in with you briefly on life. i hope your week has been remarkable. mine has been a whirlwind and roller coaster of ups and downs, as life can be. it’s time for some refocus time! i feel like the Lord has opened up some doors for me this week and i also know that the devil isn’t pleased with it. satan is doing everything in his might to distract me from the destiny. sorry “luci” (short for lucifer), not gonna happen!

i’m heading to D.C. with two great friends, sara and jessica bright and early in about 3 hours! i praise the Lamb that i am not the one driving (zzz…zz…z…) this trip is going to be an awesome time to get away and enjoy life….oh yeah, and ask my good friend Barack where my job is. I gave him his job, so now where is mine?!

the Lord is faithful! that’s all i gotta say. i just wanted to check in with the precious people that care about my thoughts. i hope to update as often as possible while on the trip, but if i don’t here i will most definitely on twitter!!

let me know how things are with you! i’ll be posting more blogs of encouragement very soon. i pray God to grant you favor even as i’m writing this. thank you for reading!

– tony // @AsToldByTony


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