speak life.

hey blog buddies! hope you have had an awesome week. i hope you have enjoyed reading my previous blog posts and allowed it to be somewhat thought-provoking! i think i forgot how fun and freeing it is to write out my thoughts in a blog. i hope you are encouraged with this next blog post: speak life!

1 kings 17: 8-24

ever since my pastor preached on this scripture in early August, i have had a whole different look at this biblical story. let’s dive in together! during a time of drought, this widow’s faith was challenged like none other. doesn’t that happen to us many times? in a desert season in our lives, we tend to be challenged in our faith all the while seeking God more and more. shouldn’t our faith grow stronger, then? my own experience of this is this desolate season of joblessness. there were times my faith grew weary like never before. but we must be like the widow – trusting God with what we do have.

when the prophet, Elijah asked the widow for what she did have – water and a morsel of bread (the bare basics), the widow reluctantly, in fear gave. but in her giving, she spoke grief. (v.12) “…And now I am gathering a couple of sticks that I may go in and prepare it (bread) for myself and my son, that we may eat it and die.” this was strikingly shocking to me. the widow, who obviously was so used to death in her life actually spoke that over her son! i can imagine she was so used to death, she probably spoke unknowingly. we must be aware of what we say.

ok, let’s skip over to verse 17. “after this, the son of the woman, the mistress of the house, became ill. and his illness was so severe that there was no breath left in him.” he actually died by the direction of his mother! Elijah then took the son upstairs and laid him in the bed. this is poignant. the prophet took the son out of that atmosphere of death and negativity. detach yourself from spoken despair.

your voice represents your authority. every single one of us has authority of some sort, if not over other people, we do over ourselves. speak encouragement, confidence, support, hope – LIFE in people’s lives, and in YOUR OWN. i must say that in this trial in my life, if it had not been for my friends and family that spoke into my spirit with solace and support, it would have caused this journey to be much more painful and deathly. “develop you vocabulary of life.” – bishop paul lanier

“realize the power of your words over your seed” – bishop paul lanier. this quote is primarily directed to mothers or teachers or those that have influence in the next generation, but it is also paramount in the lives of all of us! realize the power of your words!

in this biblical passage, we saw that words have power, presence, and prophetic implication. the widow prophetically spoke death into the life of her son. we are architects of our own future and ultimately others. do you think it would have been easy for donald trump to be the money-making mogul he is with nothing but a negative, doubtful, and condescending support system? in fact, that’s not a support system at all!

i hope this biblical passage and my blog post has brought to light the power of communication and the implications it can have in your and people’s lives. i encourage you to speak life and believe big in yourself daily! you were created by the “no-limits” God,  so why should YOU believe with limits?! “whatever we faith, He fulfills” – bishop paul lanier

speak LIFE.

speaking of “speak life”, i want to thank you blog buddies for the positive feedback i’ve received on some of these blog posts! my hope is that you are encouraged and stretched a bit in your thinking as you read them. continue to check back for more! live it up this weekend, but let’s keep it christian! 🙂

– tony / @AsToldByTony


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