clarity in the confusion.

psalm 143

so here i am again, what seems like the never ending process of asking God for guidance, direction, discernment, and wisdom about my next step in life. yesterday, the Lord placed it on my heart to fast, pray, and read His word throughout the day. seeking saturday. now, i gotta be up front with you – i dont fast often. though the communion with God through fasting is out of this world, im not one that partakes in this much. in fact, its kinda scary. last time i fasted, my best friend was totally stripped from my life. like she still hasn’t communicated with me. which i must say God definitely knew what He was doing. my life has become much richer as im sure hers has as well. all is well there. 🙂

ok, back to the seeking saturday thing. throughout the day I had His word on my lips (as we should everyday), diligently seeking the throne of God for answers. He NEVER fails! the Lord brought great revelation to my life and the fulfilling future He has planned for me. Needless to say, I have some very important decisions to make within the next week. Of course, time crunch…that’s how I roll!! BAM!

How appropriate this morning during worship we sing “I’ll Say Yes”, declaring the “Yes” of God in our lives and flowing in that “Yes” for the will in our lives! I Smell Confirmation!

For the readers that are my fellow prayer warriors, please say a quick prayer in that I am following the calling that I feel God has mandated for me. A word came to me yesterday so powerfully: Come into Alignment with your Assignment. How do we do that? By fully and completely Abiding in Him (a blog post to follow).

…In other news: I am thinking about writing a book. PUMP YOUR BREAKS! Me…one that can barely get through a book without losing concentration?!? Well, yeah…How hard can it be? I have some passionate thoughts, why not write about it? Just a thought.

Also!! HOLLA BACK to one of my besties, Lacey Stokes! Breakin’ out in the Blog World with her new blog. This great friend of mine is a truly anointed woman of God. Passionate like none other! The Lord is doing a work in this girl’s life and I am in awe of the promises God has for her! So CHECK IT OUT HERE and see what she has to say!

Nothin’ Like Starbucks and a Book…and of course my OFF THE HOOK BLOG = The Life of a Jobless Bum! But NOT FOR LONG. BELIEVE DAT! Because I believe the Promises of God!

Well Blog Buddies, thats all for now! Thanks for reading my rants, raves, and rambles! 🙂

-Tony // @AsToldByTony


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