street corner.

street corner. here i come! here it is almost october 2010. i started looking for my future career in this icy cold water pool called an economy back  in january before i graduated in may. still jobless.

i gotta tell ya, this time in my life hasn’t been the easiest. but i assure you one thing, i will come out on the other side of this poop fest a successful and stronger man. BAM! Believe DAT!

Fo realz tho. What is the Lord teaching me in all this? today i received yet another rejection from a job i knew i had in the bag. reality check. i mean, i know the Lord is testing my faith like NONE other. or maybe He is teaching me more. to become solely dependent on Him. to decrease ALL of me and increase Him. these are all principles i knew, but my oh my how they have come to a whole new realization for me.

ya know something else i learned in all of this desert?! 1+2 doesn’t necessarily equal 3. let me break it down for ya. i think i had this paradigm of “ok, if i fast, read the word daily, seek His face daily, totally abide in Him, pray in the spirit = then ALL of that will get me the blessings I want!” WRONG! i have learned that my desire for Him must be totally genuine. not so i can get something out of the relationship. its like marrying Beyonce and treating her like a QUEEN and receiving all of her hard-earned money. hmm…not a bad idea. ok, sorry…outer court moment! His love for us is abounding. He is constantly chasing after us! We should do the same – genuinely.

so im learning that this is an ever-learning season. but im just waiting for His perfect timing. it’s coming. BELIEVE DAT! so i guess ill hold off on selling drugs or standing on the street corner. for now. 🙂

thanks for reading blog buddies!! -tony



One thought on “street corner.

  1. Wow, Tony. . .if this doesn’t mirror my own thought process (except for the graduating college part. . .I did that back in 1999 LOL), I don’t know what does!

    Very well put, and very encouraging! Leave the corner alone, though, OK? ROFL!!!!

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