summer fun!

Happy Summer Days everyone! So my time here in Hilton Head is winding down! Above is a pic of my two summer vacation reads – of course, you can’t NOT be in awe of God with the vastness of the ocean here – so, summer read number one is The Bible. On the polar opposite side of the spectrum, Kathy Griffin’s memoir, “Official Book Club Selection” has been an interesting book to read while on the beach. Contradictory, eh?

I headed out this morning at sunrise once again for an exhilarating, yet difficult run on the beach. I pushed myself to a level that I thought I could never do. I even threw up on my first morning of running almost 5 miles. Not to mention, the numerous dry-heaves during the experience. I felt like a contestant on the Biggest Loser! Minus the obesity.

So, I was thinking…what pushes YOU? Or what obstacles have you overcome to make you the person you are today?!

Finally, I wanted to share a new endeavor that I have contemplated on pursuing – becoming a Talk Show Host! There is a current contest that is offering people their own talk show! I ’bout fell out when I first saw it! I’ll be submitting my audition video within the next few days. The least they could do is say “no”. It’s all about putting yourself out there, especially when you don’t have a career yet, like myself. Ha! 🙂

That’s it for now! Check back for more from your favorite blog buddy! Talk with you soon!

Keep it positive!!


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