seeding season.

I have recently expressed this season I am in of barrenness, or so I thought. Although I am not receiving the tangible blessings or fruits that I am expecting from God in this time, I am receiving so much more in this process.

In recent weeks, the Lord has placed on my heart the importance of the seed and the sower. The word reads, “And some (seed) fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold.” (Lk. 8:8) I am learning that I am toiling and in a seeding season. This time is so very important. As the sower, I must be cautious of where I plant my seed. In other words, am I encompassing my life with the things of Christ? Pastor Kevin Wallace of Redemption Point Church spoke on seeding, “Praise, Worship, and Prayer cultivates the seed (word).” This time of toiling is creating a whole new paradigm of trust, faith, belief, and surrender. I am transforming in this time of toiling. I am laboring diligently, daily in the things of Christ and know my harvest will soon come. The word promises yours will too!

The Lord gave me a chorus on June 5, 2010 about this seeding season I, and so many may be in. I will note, I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be a songwriter. This is a word from God that He placed on my heart. It may minister to you:

It’s a seeding season,

the harvest has yet to come.

For there is a reason,

you have not been left undone.

Just keep pressing in,

and believing Him.

It’s a seeding season.

Persistent Pressing is Required! Blessings!


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