Hey blog buddies!

It’s your boy, Tony here! So So So Sorry for my hiatus from the blog recently. It’s been a whirlwind of craziness in my life. My mother became immobile due to an accident at work (more to come with THAT’re not even ready), I have been scrambling around looking for any job opportunities, finishing up assignments and papers, and just LIFE!

Remember in the previous blog when I mentioned I have been stripped away from everything that has been comfortable? Well I’m not sure if I mentioned to you what God promised me around that time. He promised me Restoration. He told me He would restore all that was lost. And that process is starting to happen. Over Easter break, I was wrestling the whole time with God. Back and Forth. On Easter Sunday, I slipped into church on the back row right before it started. (This is not like me. I am typically there an hour prior to service to fellowship and prepare my praises) Throughout the service I felt the Joy of the Lord being restored in me. No joke! I left that service changed.

Since being back at Lee for my final weeks of college, I have been so joyful – FULL of JOY! Sure, I think about what I have lost at times, but I know the promises of God are soon coming! I am learning that although I am all about friendships, they aren’t EVERYTHING.

That’s just a little of where I have been lately. Restoration.

Your Blog Buddy – Tony

Check back for vids I recorded over Easter break and Lee Day weekend!!!


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