I’m Sorry I’m A Christian

so I was catching up with a blog I follow, RagamuffinSoul. I watched the following video and thought. that’s all. just thought. let me know what YOU think about Chris Tse’s apology – I’m Sorry I’m A Christian.

Head’s Up! For those Virgin Ears, the F word is used a couple times, but I believe tastefully inserted.

well?! what did YOU think. let me know in the comment section. i’ll see you here soon with a Tony Talky Blog to express my thoughts and MUCH more (hopefully, if my computer doesn’t become demonic).

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keep it positive. be encouraged. your blog buddy, tony


One thought on “I’m Sorry I’m A Christian

  1. I love this. He gets right to the point and said what he believes. I have a great appreciation for people who stand up for what they believe.

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