The Power of A Praise.

Acts 16:16-40.
This story has been in my spirit so profoundly in recent weeks. I have continuously thought about the power of a praise because of this impacting passage.

After being attacked, stripped, and beaten with rods, Paul and Silas were thrown into jail and had their feet fastened in stocks. Around midnight, Paul and Silas were singing unto the Lord, and the fellow prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was an earthquake that shook and everyone’s bonds were unfastened. As a result of their praises, God’s faithfulness prevailed. In the midst of the chaos, there was a convert: the Philippian jailer asked “what must I do to be saved?” All of this by simple praises.

It blows my mind the power that comes from exalting our Creator. I note this passage because that is what I, as a follower and worshipper of the King want to mirror. I first pray that my praises will tear down anything that is becoming a wedge between me and God. Also, I want my praises to touch the hearts of many – to bring people to Christ by my exaltations. I want my praises to become penetrating and persuasive. That is what I long for.

Being in Lee University Campus Choir for the season I was planted there, I learned so much about the power of a praise. I literally FELT the power of praises. There were times when our praises were our weapons against the principalities that were seeking to kill, steal, and destroy what God had planned for us and the ministry we were ministering to. This short time of being in that ministry, it was a wonderful experience to feel that power corporately.

The power of a praise can be more than just a ministering tool or weapon for the kingdom. I have found that praises bring joy. Already, this semester has been a trying time in my life. In these desperate times, I would praise. Simply call on the name of Jesus and praise Him! I felt peace in the midst of my praises. Soon, came joy!

Through it all, I am learning more and more how the power of a praise unto our Creator is transforming. PRAISE be to God!


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